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Which is why it’s a little unsettling to realize just how many of these seemingly beautiful expressions of love are downright disturbing when you take a step back and consider them with an objective eye.What can seem sweet or moving to someone caught up in a story too often would be a cause for police involvement in real life.It’s exactly the kind of grand speech that always goes over well in romantic comedies, when in real life, security would—and should—have taken him offstage the second he started.

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And just as Gwen’s in mortal danger of pursuing her career at Oxford, he scrawls, “I LOVE YOU” on the Brooklyn Bridge, snatches her to the top of it, then insists he’s just “going to follow [her] everywhere,” forever.

After breaking up with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, Peter adds her photos to his crazy conspiracy wall (with the unnerving note, “Do I have to lose you too??

”), then uses his Spidey powers to stalk his ex-girlfriend all around Manhattan.

Pop culture is suffused with examples of grand romantic gestures.

From Tramp offering Lady the last meatball to Arwen the elf choosing to become mortal so she can be with her beau, there’s no shortage of ways that people in television, movies, music, and theater can show their devotion.

To be fair, the movie does promise Crazy, Stupid, Love, and boy, does it deliver.Underage babysitters, lonely teachers, smooth talkers, and Kevin Bacon flit around each other in varying states of frenzy and obsession, taking everything just too far for comfort.The crowning moment, however, comes when Steve Carell’s Cal helps his son out of his depressing school speech by taking it over completely.Sure, he could have just guided his son offstage and had a private talk with him about his feelings, but why do that when he could usurp the stage to talk about how much he misses his estranged wife (Julianne Moore)?Please use the following list as a handy example of what not to do the next time you find yourself wanting to make a romantic gesture—at least, if you want to stay on the right side of a restraining order.And because it had far too many examples to overlook, we’ve created a special “Creepy MVP” award at the end of this list for everybody’s favorite British schmaltz-fest: Love, Actually.

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