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If you have not done this before, you need to acquaint yourself with the simple secrets that those who've done it before used.The methods you would use to seduce a young girl are totally different from the ones you need to date a woman You can count on confidence as the first secret.Though it might seem awkward to young ladies, older women largely appreciate young guys complimenting their sexy appearance.

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The Insider Secrets On Dating British Grannies Uncovered Cougar women require different approaches when seducing them unlike young girls.

Perhaps you want to date a rich British granny for her money or just for the sake of sexual adventures.

You can 'accidentally' touch her when explaining a point or even brushing her hand.

This way, a granny is smart enough to realize your intentions though she might not show it if you don't seem confident and courageous.

If you spot her in a social place, just offer her a smile.

If she responds with a generous smile, don't be afraid to compliment her on how sexy she looks.

If sitting opposite or beside you, she might respond to that pleasure of sexual arousal by making contact with your legs.

Strictly ensuring that you touch her body is important as it creates a little sexual frisson.

Don't make it a fondling session as she might get bored because it is shameful for her though she likes it really.


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