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Nearly fifty percent of public school teachers attend church and say their faith is very important in their lives.

Now I get why many Christians, me included, choose other options for our own kids, and for many reasons.

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We should celebrate and support Christians who are in education.

” Second, “What’s missing in our culture that we can creatively contribute?

” Third, “What’s evil in our culture that we can stop?

” And fourth, “What’s broken in our culture that we can restore?

” These are questions we can bring to bear on virtually any area of culture and society.

But I’m not talking just about where we choose to send our own kids, which is a family by family decision.

I’m talking about how Christians can reach that aspect of society.

Is there still some good that Christians can bring to the system? As Warren Cole Smith and I write in our book, “Restoring All Things,” (with special credit to my friend Gabe Lyons), Christians need to ask themselves a few key questions to help us respond to the society around us.

Many Christians have bailed on public schools these days. Whether promoting the ideas of the sexual revolution, strange bathroom policies, censoring Christmas from plays, violence, falling test scores or removing the Bible from libraries—I get it. First, “What is good in our culture that we can promote, protect, and celebrate?

For example, let’s take the first two questions and apply them to public schools.

First, what good in our public schools can we promote, protect, and celebrate?

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