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They want their Valentines Day to be spent with their “special someone” but they feel “unwanted”, “unloved” and “rejected” or in other words, broken-hearted. I might not have experienced being in your position and condition (if that’s something really drastic) but there are ways to avoid being in or being stuck in that state.I’ve read a couple of comments about how lonely they feel towards Valentines Day because they just lost someone they’re supposed to spend it with. It’s not easy but once you get know how to control your emotions and the way you think, then dealing with heartbreaks would be easier for you–in a way.

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” I am not a love guru and I do not claim to be one but I think there are some things that I can share to you that might help you. You are lucky if you have found someone who will stick with you thru thick and thin for the rest of your life but let’s admit it, not everyone is fortunate enough to be with someone who will stay with them no matter what.

I know I am too young to be talking about this; you might be asking me what do I know about love for me to be giving you an advice. The thing is, I don’t think I have to go through each level of broken-heartedness for me to understand how love works and this thing called ‘moving on’. It sucks I know, and I hate it; I hate how complicated relationships can be– which is why I don’t just commit with someone that easily.

I don’t think I need to get my heart broken a million times for me to how to know how HORRIBLE it feels to be “broken-hearted”. I have young blog readers (teens) and I think I need them to know about this; they need to be aware of what they are getting their selves into.

I don’t think I need to go through different kinds and levels of rejection for me to know that not everybody feels the same kind of heartache. Okay yung pa-happy happy crush lang muna but if you are planning to take it to the next level, then there are things you need to know.

It’s always up to the two of you if you really want to make your relationship work and last.

You know, it’s actually nice how people leave comments on my blog and spill their deepest sentiments as if I am their confidante; I am like a human diary, know what I am saying? I’ve been left hanging a couple of times already and I know how bad it feels. What, you are in love someone who doesn’t love you? Moving on is not easy; especially if you have invested so much (love, time, etc.) on your partner.

Browsing through their comments–or should I say their stories– makes me feel sad knowing how bad they feel about losing the one they love; how awful they feel about having to break up with their partners, and how devastated they have been for they are still stuck in the past and still in love with the one that got away. So at the end of their stories about their not-so-happy endings, the following sentence they tell me is (or ask, rather) “Paano ba mag move on? Also if you have been together for so long, breaking up them would never be easy.

So I had a pretty good amount of comments/replies on my Vday Playlist entry regarding on how they are going to spend their Valentines Day.

I’ve read a couple and I have noticed that most of them have basically the same plans on that day: But there are also a few who have said that, they do not know how to spend the day because they desire to spend it with the “one” they love but for some reason they don’t know how to make it happen. Before you throw me that line, let me tell you this..


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