Amex payment for nude 1on1 chatting

Log in to your account and click Payments in the blue navigation bar.Go to the View My Payments tab and click on the red X to cancel that payment.Click on Change Payment Due Date in the Payment Date section.

After submitting your order, you will be prompted to fill in your billing information and will be able to choose your credit card.

You can also go to the Pay My Bill tab and click on the Cancel This Payment link found under the Last Payment section.

If more than 2 hours have passed, scroll to the bottom of the page to delete or edit your payment.

To cancel a scheduled payment: You can cancel a scheduled payment up to 24 hours before the scheduled payment date.

Log in to your account and click Payments in the blue navigation bar to see your payment information.

Select a bank from your list of banks already enrolled to you Card account, or enroll a new bank. Please note that if you choose to enroll in Auto Pay, it might not take effect with your current billing cycle.

Make payments as you normally would until your Auto Pay begins. To cancel an immediate payment: You can stop a payment immediately if you make a cancellation request within 2 hours after submitting it.

If you don’t see your scheduled payment information, your payment date may have already passed and your payment may have already started processing and you will no longer be able to cancel.

Please note: you can cancel up to 3 payments per month, but no more than 10 payments within six months. You can change your Payment Due Date once every 3 billing cycles.

Log in to your account and click Payments in the blue navigation bar, then select Manage Auto Pay.

Select your Auto Pay amount, choosing to pay your Total New Balance, Minimum Payment Due or a fixed amount every month.


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